'15-'16 DNS in the Real World


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Some of the links in Code Studio are broken. The link for “DNS Flood DDoS Attack Hit Video Gaming Industry with 90 Million Requests per Second” is just missing, and the link for “Turkish ISPs Intercept Google DNS Service to Sply on Internet Users” has an extra space (%20) character at the end that causes it to redirect to the site’s home page (“spy” is also misspelled “sply”).


hi, doug!

thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. we’ve updated the level with correct spelling and fixed the broken/missing links (the missing article can be viewed here). these changes will be available on code studio in the next couple of days.

thanks again!


I did this lesson today and as predicted, it was a bit short - I think next year I will combine lessons 9 and 10 together into one day. The articles were relevant to students but I think a little more attention to DDoS is needed. There were some misconceptions around what it was - for example, one student said an example of DDoS is when he tries to send a text on Sunday night but it doesn’t go through because everyone is filling up the wires with streaming Netflix. Another student pointed out that it would only be an example if the student was also trying to go onto Netflix but I think DDoS is caused by an INTENTIONAL overwhelming of the router - is that correct?

For example, last year on Hour of Code on Monday morning, I think the site was down because everyone was trying to access it at the same time - was that DDoS? Or does it have to be a “malicious” overwhelming by one (or a few individuals)? I guess I have some questions still about DDoS and need to do some research myself!

Finally, some feedback a student gave me was that he wished the videos (and my lectures) had more metaphors in to help him understand. I personally felt like there are a good amount of metaphors in the lectures (like the post office for example) but he must feel like it needs more. I will look out for ways to better use metaphors in my own teaching but I thought I would pass that along to you all too since you’re the content area experts!


Hi, We completed the lesson yesterday. All of the links worked. The group that was assigned the youtube video, could not download the youtube video on the school network so I used my cell as a hotspot. My students used a google doc to document findings ,solutions, and insights that they researched with partners. We then presented bottom up (last article first) and students had to ask questions after each presentation by typing them right under the article findings in the google doc. During the debrief, we found that a lot of our questions were answered as we got to the top of our Google Doc(first article listed in code).

It was a fun lesson and extremely interesting. We spend at least 1 hour and 30 minutes on this lesson. The first group that presented (last article) started responding to some of the questions asked by classmates. I thought that was cool. I am happy students actually discussed their writing even though we all had access to the document to read what they wrote. Only 1 out of all of the groups read from their writing. The others added insights and reasons to their writing when presenting. I did not make students stand and talk. they spoke from their seats while their writing was projected at the front of class. To wrap up the time, at the end of the lesson, I displayed the DNS video to all students. They had a really good understanding of what was happening after processing all of the articles. I would like to assign students to respond to at least 3 questions asked for homework. Upon leaving, some students said they couldn’t believe class was over that fast. (LOL- time flies when you are having fun)
Here is a link to our document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wJcYhhInYR946o_pmEN83DFx5RGPL8I-R7Sx-Kcw8PE/edit?usp=sharing is a copy of our document.


@dawnguest thanks for sharing your notes document-- this is really cool to see!


I can’t seem to watch the video. Usually there is another link but not for this lesson. Would you please make it available?


Hi Mercedes,

Because this is a video Code.org didn’t produce, we unfortunately don’t have a separate download link available to use. What I have done and will be available next week (due to Hour of Code week, we are not updating the site this week) is embed the video at studio.code.org/s/cspunit3/stage/10/puzzle/1/, which uses a different video player if youtube is blocked at your school.

Thank you!


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