Rapid Research Articles

The lesson calls for the students to read articles on DNS and DDOS. I don’t see any articles provided. Do we find recent articles on this topic? Or are there certain articles we should use for this activity?

Hi @starnd,

That’s weird. My guess it’s a bug - the list of articles should be accessible from the student view in the first bubble, as indicated in the lesson plan… but there’s no list of articles there.

My guess is it should look more like this - from last year’s version of the same page…

I would use that page for now. Meanwhile, I’ll send a note to code.org staff that the current page doesn’t align with the directions given in the lesson plan.

Thanks for bringing this up!


I too would like this list of articles…the link provided by Frank doesn’t seem to take me anywhere. Do we have any updates?

The articles are available on the 2017-18 version of the AP CSP curriculum as Frank mentioned. All but one of the links is still working. Until they update it on the 2018-19 version, those will work. Thanks Frank!