Unit 4 - Assessment - Concerns



This is my first year teaching AP CSP. I am currently nearing the middle of Unit 4 and I am a little bit concerned when browsing through the assessment questions.

I do not want to ‘teach to the test’, but I am confused as to why there are multiple questions on Phishing and a question on DDOS, considering that I can not see that within the lessons I have taught so far and I have been browsing the rest of the lessons in Unit 4 and can not see any explicit content regarding these two topics.

Have I missed something? (I know some of my students know this as we have had discussions which have briefly mentioned this, also some of my students have more technological experience and therefore these terms are not ‘new’) I am just worried for some of my students who are ‘newer’ to learning about the theory behind computer science.


@glenn.crane you make a good point about keeping in mind the varying previous experiences students bring to your class. I hear your concerns about the test questions - according to the “vocabulary” those topics come up in lesson 10. The video linked in there explain both of those topics, but students might also go in more depth into those topics for their rapid research in lesson 10. It might be a good idea to a “speed dating” share out so more students hear about the research others did.

If you look in lesson 10, toward the end, the lesson delineates what students should need to know for the AP exam (and the assessment). That should help make sure ALL students can be successful to your point.



Thanks alot for your observations. I definitely feel that my students come with a vast range of experiences. I believe this vocabulary is important to know, and see the the content in Lesson 10 that deals with this now. Thank you very much.

I think that I must have missed it, as it only appears briefly in one lesson and is not a focus or may not be a focus as students could choose other research. I also just saw the Cybersecurity and Crime Video Worksheet (Optional) which seems like it may expand students understanding, so that will be something I will definitely utilize.

For anyone in the curriculum department at code.org I feel that perhaps this could be introduced prior to the last lesson of the unit and be more of a focus, if the assessment is going to ask as many questions on these topics as it does.

However Lesson 10 does ease my fears on my less experienced students missing out.