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There is a link(to forum) for Teacher Prep for Stage 9 but it isn’t working. Can this be updated?

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sorry about that, @mstahl! it’s been updated. the forum link is in the ‘support’ section at the bottom on the right side of the first page (shown below):


Hi All,

It is at this point in the unit that I struggle with differentiation. Some students are really getting this to click and are hungry for more. Others are struggling with understanding why they need to “move to” another location before drawing an identical shape. I made this list of “extension tasks” for students who are looking for a challenge.

To be honest, students need to know a bit more about for loops and the math library before they can truly tackle all of this, but I needed something to continue momentum with some of my students who are really enjoying the tasks so far. It is certainly designed for more experienced students, but I hope it is helpful for others’ too!


Hi Katie,

I like your idea of using these extension activities. Where did you have students program these activities?

Thanks, Jen


@jmclean, that’s a good question… I don’t remember actually telling any student where to program it. I think I showed students how to comment things out so they maybe just commented out some code in a previous lesson and did these tasks on top of that.

If your students are REALLY comfortable, you can have them “remix” any level and that gives them ALL of the commands. I showed that to some students too. I had been pushing some students to type the code more (rather than use blocks)*, so they weren’t overwhelmed by all of the choices of blocks because they were going to type the code any way.

*Disclaimer: I truly am fine with students using blocks, but for some students, the logic comes really easily and they can handle the syntax, they just would rather not bother with it. For those students, I push the text on them more. :slight_smile:


Another option would be to have them code it in a separate App Lab project and then share the link with you.


This lesson has taken 2+ days, but my students enjoyed it.
To challenge those that finished earlier, I had them add their own new sea creature. One they had to develop the code themselves.
Here is one that added a jellyfish.


I LOVE that idea for an extension! I am always looking for extensions that force students to go deeper (not just faster) in the content. Thanks for sharing!

AND - NICE jellyfish!


Sorry, but I have to brag. Here are two more “Under the Sea” with new sea creatures. They loved this extension activity.