1st Year Teaching AP CSP - Anyone else here doing same?


Hey all, I’ve been teaching Middle School Computer Science the past 2 years and this year I’m taking on AP CSP…wondering if there’s a buddy in here that wants to connect to support each other. While I’m a tech person and know I can handle it - I am nervous about what I don’t know that I don’t know in this first year. I want to do the best for the students.

Any support or points of reference are appreciated.

Looking forward to connecting.



Right here with ya! Teaching is my second career, after 20 years in corporate world (mostly travel/airline automation) so I’m comfortable with most of the concepts but not always prepared to teach those concepts.


I am a high school math teacher teaching our school’s inaugural class of AP CSP - I’m excited by this curriculum, but very nervous about delivering it in a timely fashion. Would love to check in with folks. - Wendy Menard


I’m like Ron. I’ve come from the IT infrastructure side of the house. I’ve used most of the concepts regularly, but many of the Code.org CSP exercises and instructions can be pretty esoteric so it’s still a challenge knowing the goal and intent of them.

We’ve made it to Chapter 2 and I’ve started connecting the dots so it’s easier to lead the students to the conclusions we’re trying to get them to figure out without point-blank telling them.

This is my first “real” course so I’m still exploring a lot of new territory. Also happy to connect with you all!


yup first year teaching


Also first year teaching AP CSP. I teach a 90 minute, 5 days a week class and I’m having a really hard time keeping pace. I believe I should be at lesson 1.14 as of today (9/4), but am only at lesson 1.10. I feel myself falling further and further behind. I am not teaching this class as a full AP course, although I am using the curriculum as if I am. If push comes to shove, which unit can I skip and come back to if I have time? Thanks for the anticipated replies to this complete noob!


I’m right there with you also, however, I really feel out of my league. I’m very comfortable teaching the Discovery curriculum however, I am fumbling through this. I could also use some support :slight_smile:


This is my first year teaching too. I’m not feeling very confident also my class is very small which is a blessing, however, for the activities, there is not a lot of energy which is not good.


I am excited to hear from each of you. I am starting Unit 1 Lesson 1 today. I only have 5 students as we are a small school.Do we want to use this thread to support each other? I could really use the help. I don’t know the forum rules fully. I know it will be helpful to have others to talk - I’m most worried about pacing and prepping the students for the AP test.


This is my first year too and I have no experience with computer science. The first few days have been fun though! I have taught math for over 20 years, but have focused on statistics. Tomorrow I am teaching U1 L3 and am very nervous about it because I don’t really understand this simulator!!! Any advice?


@vanessaduplessie I think this is a great idea!!! This is exactly what the forum is intended for! Feel free to use this thread or other threads to ask questions! The forum is moderated by experienced AP CSP teachers and there are tons of other teachers who comment on posts as they feel moved too. Code.org curriculum writers also make appearances here too so there’s tons of support here for you!


@kelly.downs I totally understand that not having experienced the internet simulator can be a bit overwhelming. My first year I enlisted my roommate or significant other many times to “practice” with them the night before. There are also videos that demonstrate the simulator working that might be helpful.

Finally, I would also suggest “duplicating” the internet simulator tab by right clicking on the tab and selecting “duplicate”. Then you can connect to yourself and test it out yourself. That is another way you can do a little pre-exploring before students come in.

Hope some of those ideas help!


Thank you @kaitie_o_bryan ! The lesson actually went very well. The kids got it (better than me!) and they said it was fun.