2020-2021 Create PT Rubric ~ which lessons can be skipped?

I am pushed for time. Does anyone know which lessons are mandatory for the new Create PT or which ones might be skipped? I would come back to the skipped lessons if I had time. I just will not have time to do them all.

Hi @hcook,

For reference, here’s the rubric for this year’s Create PT:
2020-2021 Create PT Rubric

It seems to cover everything in the code.org programming units, but it does not seem to cover libraries, which is at the end of Unit 7.

There’s also lessons in the code.org curriculum that cover standards not tested in the Create PT, such as how the internet works (Unit 1).

I think it would be playing it on the safe side to assume there will be a multiple choice exam this year and that all standards will be tested - either on the multiple choice or via the Create PT.


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