Unit 5 - Can any sections be skipped?


I am running out of time with my students and need to know if there are any sections within Unit 5 that can be skipped? We have had several unplanned days out of school and I am short on class time. In order for me to give my students the required class time for Create and Explore PT’s, I will need to complete U5 Sections 10-18 before March 1 and we have 3 more days out of school during this time frame.




See the recent thread on this topic: http://forum.code.org/t/which-lessons-from-unit-5-are-absolutely-necessary-for-the-create-pt-and-the-ap-exam/6667?u=anmrobnott

I’m going through my plans for the next few months. It looks like I will try to contract Stages 6 - 11 into the next 2.5 weeks so I can start the Create Task by March 6. I think I will use Mondays to do Multiple Choice Review until the exam.



I checked the link and it brought me to the old curriculum. In this new Unit 5, can you please let me know which lessons I can skip in chapter 2?


In order for students to do the Create PT you need to get through chapter 1. Chapter 2 deals with lists and while loops which they need to know for the MC exam. So you can have them start the Create PT after chapter 1 and then come back to chapter 2 and do as much as you can before the exam. I am personally thinking of skipping the practice PT but have them practice answering the reflection questions of the practice PT for the final app that they build.



Perhaps it may be more beneficial to discuss the concepts needed in Unit 5 instead of focusing the activities. It has always been true that all students do not have to complete every activity bubble of every stage to learn the content. The content in Stage 11 and beyond could help students with their Create task and will be tested on the paper/pencil exam.

Based on your calendar and the needs of your students, feel free to make decisions on how you expose students to the content - loops, arrays and array processing. It might be advisable to go unplugged and do a series of quick lessons on arrays and array processing. It may not be as engaging or inquiry based but students will have access to the content they need for the exam.



Thanks. I will consider doing this since I would like to start the Create soon.