Help! Need to shorten unit 5



I have 3 weeks to do all of unit 5 thanks to almost 3 weeks of snow days getting in the way. What lessons can I cut?


Hi @mertzl,

Great question - you only REALLY need to get through lesson 10 before students do the create, so that narrows you down to 4 weeks. If you are looking to cut beyond that, I think you might want to look at assigning some homework.

I sometimes don’t mind if students don’t finish some lessons, as long as they got exposure. Personally, lessons 7, 8, and 9 can all be done in one week with my students, maybe you could speed up that pacing.


Hi @mertzl,

@kaitie_o_bryan has some great suggestions and yes, the minimum requirements to do the Create PT are covered by the time students finish Lesson 10 (basically Chapter 1). Do be aware that the content from the remaining lessons in Unit 5 will likely show up on the multiple choice exam. However, given your situation, it’s likely you’ll have to sacrifice something.

Also piggybacking off of Kaitie, instead of skipping whole lessons, maybe skipping the last few bubbles of each lesson, as usually the “content” is covered in the first few bubbles and the remaining bubbles help students implement and sharpen these skills (very important, but again, just pointing out your options for what to sacrifice).

Another option - skipping the projects. There’s some new content introduced in the projects, but nothing critical (that I remember). Definitely good practice, application, and contextualization though.