Completing Unit 5 out of order

Has anyone done Unit 5 prior to Unit 4 or concurrently with Unit 4. Is there anything from Unit 4 that I would have to be sure students knew before doing Unit 5? I would prefer to go in order as I know they are designed that way for a purpose, but issues this school year are putting us under a time crunch.

Hi @kayers,

Other teachers have indeed considered reordering the units - you can read their advice here:
Advice on order of units

And since you mentioned a time crunch, you might also be interested in hearing what other teachers have to say about skipping certain parts of Unit 5:

Definitely post back if you still have questions about reordering and pacing.


I teach units 3 and 5 as one class and 1, 2, and 4 as another. I do not teach it as an actual AP class (students aren’t taking the test) but I really like the curriculum and that’s why I use it.