If you had to teach AP CSP unit 5 in one month (approximately 12- 90 minute classes), which lessons would you omit?

Dear colleagues,

Due to snow days this year, we are a bit behind in the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum. As the goal is to finish the “Create Task” by April 30 and I only have 9- 90 minute classes in April with my students (and 8 of them have to be used for the students to work independently on their Create Task), I realize I only have 12 - 90 minute periods to get through what looks like a meaty unit 5. Does anyone have any advice on which Unit 5 lessons I can shorten or omit completely and the students will still be able to perform admirably on the “Create Task”?

Thanks for any suggestions you have.

There was some discussion about what could be omitted in this post:

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