3.6.10 having trouble with scale command

My homeschool student is having trouble with the scale command: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/qs3iqcci29EkSlc68DpWVoW53S4xZLJATno8zq6SVOs

I have reviewed the lesson and her code and can’t find the issue. She really enjoys coding so hoping someone has some advice so she can learn from this and continue.

Hi @jwidner76,

Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to make happen? What exactly is the trouble?


Her object is not resizing with the scale command.

The problem is in how you are trying to reference the sprite object.

var kite = createSprite(300, 50);
"Kite".scale = 0.5;

The student has created a sprite with the name kite.
Now to reference the kite object, you have use that name exactly. They did this correctly in line 2 for the set animation.
In line 3, they name is incorrect. It is both in quotes and is capitalized. It needs to read

kite.scale = 0.5;
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