How to change the size of the sprite in Unit 3 Lesson 1

I am trying to assist my students with changing the size of the sprite to not take up the whole screen when they create animation. but i am not finding a sprite.scale block.


They will get that block in one of the next lessons, but that is a common student request, so what I usually do is show them how to quickly switch to text mode and I have them type one line of code and then switch back to block mode.


Then, back in block mode, they are free to play around with the number to get it the size they want. It’s not usually something I show the whole class, but you could. I usually just show it to the kids who ask and it seems pretty intuitive to them, so it takes me less than a minute and they are happy until the actual block is introduced to them.


Hi brownr3,
You could just type sprite.scale, while replacing sprite with the actual name of the sprite as follows:
var SpriteName = createSprite(200, 200);
SpriteName.scale = 0.1
Any number in between 0 and 1 will reduce the size. Any number greater than 1 will make the sprite bigger.