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When does the new 6-8 CSD full version roll out?

Hello! All units of CS Discoveries are available at code.org/csd. Semester 2 units (4, 5, and 6) will be undergoing revisions in the fall to respond to feedback from our pilot teachers, but all are available on the site now.


Please disable the ability to make comments in the linked documents within the units. There are “anonymous” animals making obscene comments within the document.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for letting us know. Can you give an example of a document with commenting enabled? I haven’t gotten any comment alerts on my documents yet, but I should be able to modify the share settings for other Code.org doc.


I guess “comments” was the incorrect label…it was the “chat” feature at the top of the page where people show up as anonymous animals. I couldn’t tell if the animals dropping f* bombs were in my class or from some other school. Can we turn off the chat feature?

Thank you,

@stephen_cochran the chat feature is not something we can turn off globally, but if your students are using school/district accounts, then your administrator can disable the feature for you - see https://support.google.com/a/answer/7391715

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That’s good to know!

Hello everyone! I am looking for any resources for guided notes to support some of my Sped students who have accommodations using guided notes. Does anyone have anything already created for Unit 2? Thanks in advance.