New Resources for 2019-2020

The school year is in full swing! Have you had time to check out these new CS Discoveries resources?

Teacher Guides

We’ve created several new short guides for teachers, both new and veteran.
Check them all out on the CS Discoveries Curriculum Page. Our two page Assessment Guide will give you an overview on all of our new assessment features and how to use them, and the Debugging Guide will help you support students in developing their own debugging skills.

Learning Frameworks

Our new Learning Frameworks provide an overview of the expected student outcomes for each unit in the course. All of the learning objectives and assessment opportunities in the course are aligned to these frameworks.

One Note Journal

In partnership with the Microsoft Education Team, we’re excited to announce that updates to the OneNote classroom notebook for CS Discoveries 2019-20 are available! The notebook contains activity guides and journal prompts for the 2019-20 course as well as spaces for teachers and students to collaborate and work independently. You can get familiar with how to use OneNote in our CS Discoveries curriculum here!

Flipgrid Disco Library

We’re so excited to announce that is an official Flipgrid Disco Library partner! Disco Libraries allow your students to explore prompts and answer questions that get them talking, exchanging ideas and collaborating. We have 20 brand new CS topics for you and your students to explore and engage with in the classroom.