About the Equity in Computer Science category


This is a space to discuss issues related to equity in computer science.

Some questions to consider:

  • Is it important to address the imbalance of who is represented in the computer science field at the elementary school level? At the middle school level? High school? College?
  • What are concrete steps or strategies we can use as educators to address this imbalance?
  • What challenges do you anticipate running into while addressing equity in your classroom? What are potential solutions?

In this space, please follow our norms for discussion that we use in our code.org in-person trainings (adapted from Courageous Conversations About Race)

  • Stay engaged

  • Speak your truth

  • Experience discomfort

  • Expect and accept non-closure


I believe it is important to address this imbalance at the elementary level. If all students are exposed to coding as a class then they will consider it a normal routine choice for their future. There is a comfort grown of group experience when young. This experience will free students up as they move into middle and high school to think of themselves as obvious candidates for coding classes, just as they do for literature and math. If we choose as elementary educators to embrace the Hour of Code with our whole group classes we can change the landscape of future equity. Choosing to implement 1 hour or even 30 minutes a week of lab class time after the initial Hour of Code event will empower all students to see themselves as potential future professional coders. the future is in our hands, we can do this.