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I plan to use the trump tower lesson. I found it to be challenging when I did it this summer so I am sure it will be a winner for the students that I teach. I will have them to work in groups and figure out the proper way to solve the problem.

Extention: After completing the assignment I put emphasis on Networking. I had students find pictures to support networking and it’s usage today, and compare it to Networking during the year I was born (1959)–They had a visual of how much had changed. We visited the telephone back then, which you had to pay for a private line/because a party line was the norm, vs the Cell phones today using chat and twitter and no desire to be private.
As a part of the Extended learning, we used Alexa- Echo (AI to ask questions in real time)

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Advice: Let students know that the Bridge is Free. Let them know the least amount of Bricks that have been used. Give each group at least two sheets and color markers. I like the structure of this project, and I don’t think you need any additional resources.
Spanning Trees.docx (11.4 KB)