Unit 2 Day 17: Minimal Spanning Tree Pre-Lesson Resource

The extended learning activity that I created is a pre-teaching activity. I initially found the concept of a spanning tree to be confusing; perhaps it was not explained fully to me, because it is quite simple once you understand it! I think it is important to explain to students before beginning that it is not a loop or a circuit. I created the resource below to be used to introduce the concept of a spanning tree first, prior to the Muddy City activity, which, by the way, is infinitely more interesting with skittles as markers!
Minimal Spanning Trees introductory activity.pdf (183.8 KB)
As an assessment question at the end of this activity, I would ask the students to research Kruskal’s algorithm. Then describe how their method was the same of different to his.



This is a great extension and modification. As most of us come in new to CS, if there is a concept that you don’t understand, the student’s most likely won’t either! Finding different ways to explain concepts is a great skill to have.


Love this activity! Can’t wait to try it next year!