Absolute positioning/making a banner in Web Lab

Link to the project or level:

What I expect to happen:
When making a div with position set to absolute, a banner with a colored background extends the width of the page, and remains at the top of the page even when scrolling down.

What actually happens:
When we scroll down, the banner disappears, rather than staying at the top of the page.

What I’ve tried:
Setting the position to absolute, setting the top position to 0, setting the width to 100%


Your link doesn’t take us to your project, but back to that level on code.org. We would be happy to look at it if you can click on the “share” link at the top left corner of the page and send us that link

In the meantime, have you looked at this example on W3Schools? It looks like you may need to change your position to “fixed” rather than absolute.


Let us know if we can still be of assistance.


You’re the man! The other thing I looked at said absolute! Credible sources…

Thank you SO much!