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The student and I expected the banner to continue expanding down the page.

However, the banner did not expand and stopped at what appears to be the end of the page.

The student and I have changed the border-width and the position in attempt to stretch the banner down the page in unison with the other pictures. We are not sure how else to make the banner consistent and flowing in unison with the additional information added to the page on the left/right of the banner. Thank you for the assistance!

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First, I’d like to welcome you to the forum! Second, I want to say how much I really like the idea of this lesson! I played with the HTML & CSS that you included and it looks to me that what your student is trying to do is a bit beyond the scope of this unit, but I was able to get the results using 300% for the height. I also looked at possibly using a table to create the look the student is after. You can read more about that here if you’re interested.

Thank you! Yes, this student definitely enjoys the process and pushes the limits on creativity. I appreciate your assistance and willingness to view this situation. I always make every attempt to connect the assignments to real-life situations. Coding provides an endless platform of creativity for students to learn and explore. Have a Great day!