Unit 2 Lesson 12- 13 Resizing Images

Looking for the easiest way for kids to be able to resize individual pictures. They can resize all of the pictures to the same size, but not individually. This is creating their license in the footer to be huge. Thank you!

I was having the same issue with image size and found the following code would work for my image in html. Add < to the beginning (I took it out because the message was interpreting it and you couldn’t see my code.)
img src=“Vex.JPG” alt=“Clawbot” height=“300” width=“400”>/>
You already have the first part of the code with img src and alt, but if you add the height and width part, it will resize it to a reasonable size. I looked at the proportions of the image on the .jpg file and chose numbers to be proportionally the same as the original. I have also been told that you can enter just one (height or width) and it will reduce the image proportionally as well. A photo editor also works to make the photo look right before saving the image for download to html.

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See Kathy’s post below - but this is a perfect time to push the importance of CSS with classes and id’s. You could make a different class/id for the placement of the pictures - or even, depending on your class, look at inheritance rules and see what classes and id’s inherit from each other which you could have them the same, just with an override on the size for the banner.

Check out this link for more information on Classes, ID’s and inheritance.