Acceptable Programming Languages for the Create Task

Hello There! I have a student who did their Create Task using the “Go” language and I also have some doing it in HTML with CSS and JS included. I have had one student use HTML in the past and scored very well, but never using “Go” which is open source. Has anyone heard of these being acceptable. The list in the guide has some, but I was just curious if College Board will be strict to those this year or will be more open to other languages given the situation.

Hi @kimberly_l_gustin,

According to the performance task directions, students are allowed to use any programming language (page 2)

As stated above, students should ensure their chosen language allows a complex enough program to meet the programming requirements.


Great! Thank you for the information. Passed it along. I knew you could use any language, I just wanted to make sure the language in the requirement was friendly for open source programming.