Languages allowed by the AP?

I have searched through the AP site, but can’t find a list of languages that students can use to code their Performance Task. Does anyone know what is allowed? One of my students wants to use Actionscript (similar to Javascript) with Flash CS6. Would that be allowed? Thanks! JR

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From the Big Purple Book, page 78:

There is no designated programming language for AP Computer Science Principles. Students may choose a programming language learned while taking this course to complete this task, or they may select a different programming language – one they are familiar with from outside of class.

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@jranta - I agree with @platt

They made it really clear that nearly everything is OK in terms of language. As long as they can show abstraction and algorithms, they should be good to go!

Hi there,

I happened to come across this post and have some questions

I was wondering if students could use Arduino programming language as well. ( I didn’t see it listed on the collegeboard). I am teaching CSP following curriculum but I would like to teach Python or Arduino as a programming language.

Would it be a problem if students in my class would work and submit work from different programming languages?

Also, I have seen the programming exemplars and scoring rubrics for the Create tasks on the collegeboard site but can somebody post a link for me to the actual rubric. I would like to know if students are required to demonstrate knowledge on recursive functions and classes.

Can a students send for Create Task a Math problem ( statistics or algebra multi step word problem) solved using programming?

hi, @irimina!

  1. yes, i’ve heard of people using the arduino language for the create task. this should be fine
  2. no, it’s not a problem if students in your class submit tasks using different languages
  3. the college board pushes out student samples and rubrics here: here are the current create task scoring guidelines
  4. i’m not sure i follow what you mean here, but assuming it meets the task requirements that would be fine.

hope this helps!