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This is my first year teaching AP CSP and I am loving the curriculum. I have begun working on Unit 3 this week and know that the Performance Tasks (The final PTs not the practice PTs) are coming up soon. I wanted to know if my students will be able to seamlessly move onto them, most importantly the 2nd PT where they develop their own application, or if I will need to build in time to show them how to develop an application using another tool like App Inventor or Scratch. Thanks for any input/advice!

If your students have completed all the Practice PT’s from Unit 1-3, they should have the skills to complete the Explore Performance Task. You’ll need to guide your students through unit 4 & 5 to complete the Create Performance Task. Is your class a full year or half year? That will make a difference in how you prepare.

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so happy to hear you’re enjoying the curriculum!

the short answer to your question is yes-- they’ll be able to complete the performance tasks based on what they’ve learned in the curriculum.

there is no specific language required for the create performance task, instead there are just requirements related to using abstractions and algorithms (you can read more here). your students absolutely can use app lab to complete the create PT, so no need to have them learn a new language or tool.

based on the requirements of the create task, your students can move on it after they’ve finished unit 5 (or if you’re short on time, after they’ve finished the conditionals set of lessons).

hope this helps!

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I would suggest to do the Explore PT after Unit 4. Lesson 2 of Unit 4 starts students off on the Explore PT.

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Thanks for the clarity. :slight_smile: