Performance Task-Libraries

Students are starting their PT. They are not able to access the libraries they created in U7. Is there something I am missing?

@rford For the Create PT, students cannot:
Submit practice performance tasks or any work that has been revised, amended, or corrected by another individual, other than your collaborative partner(s) or cited program code, as a submission for AP Exam scoring.
AP Student Handout page 14.
Since the Libraries students created in Unit 7 have been graded, they cannot be used for the Create PT. Your students can create new libraries for the Create PT.

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@terence.stone25 terence.stone25. is this updated? Because unit 7 did says students may want to use their library from unit 7 for the create PT. But I don’t see anywhere on the AP Student Handout where it says they cannot use their own libraries. Also there are no tools in the toolbox to import a library or publish a library. Please explain because my students had the assumption based on wording in unit 7 that they could do this.

I think this is a gray area and so I would agree with Terrance and stay away from any code that has received feedback during the course.

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Greetings Dustin,

Thanks for surfacing this important question! I am in agreement with Sangeeta and Terence that any library or function that the students created previously in Unit 7 should not be imported and used for the Create Performance Task. I would recommend that if the students want to create a library that they start from scratch and use the knowledge that they gained throughout Unit 7 in order to do so.

Can you link me to the language from the course where it says that students might want to use the library they created in Unit 7 on the Create PT? I would like to review that in order to make the expectations clearer.

Thanks so much!

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