Collaboration during Explore & Create Performance Task



Our Riverside/Orange County cohort discussing the idea of collaboration during the Explore & Create Performance Tasks for the AP Exam. We understand that, in the Create PT, collaboration is okay and encouraged in various forms including think partners, doing parts of a bigger program, etc.

For the Explore PT is collaboration okay? @brook @baker @dani

We are well aware that we cannot control what happens outside of our classroom, but what about in the 8 in class hours?


Short version: for the Explore Task collaboration is NOT ok.

The idea, research, and execution of the project needs to be independent.

It says that somewhere in the purple book or in the task description itself.


Thank you. You’re fast!!

  • Riverside/OC Cohort! :slight_smile:


Follow up: for the Create PT are students allowed to use code they find online for parts of their program (with credit given in comments) ?

How about starting with a remixed project created by someone else in AppLab?
How about starting with a project you worked on for class in Code Studio?

I can’t really tell if “standing on the shoulders of giants” is consistent with the spirit of collaboration intended by the College Board.



My understanding of collaboration is to brainstorm ideas with peers and help each other with debugging. To be on the safe side, I would ask my students to build something entirely new. They can use existing algorithms that they find online (for instance sorting or searching) but the code should be written by them. I don’t think it is okay for them to remix projects that they or someone else has built on Code Studio or AppLab.


According to the guidelines given in the Create PT handout:
Students must

seek guidance from your teacher or AP Coordinator to use and cite APIs or other pieces of open source code. Program code not written by you can be used in programs as long as you’re extending the project in some new way. You should provide citation and credit for programming code you did not write.

Students may not

Submit work that has been revised, amended, or corrected by another individual, with the exception of cited program code;
Submit work from a practice performance task as your official submission to the College Board to be scored by the AP program;

Collaboration can include peer programming in addition to brainstorming and debugging. Consult the Collaboration section of the AP Create Student Handout for guidance in the purple book pg. 79-81.

The Handout for Create a Digital Scene - Project Overview and Rubric section on collaboration was adapted from the AP Create Student Handout.


I advised students to treat code completed for activities in Code Studio as if it were created by someone else. It must be properly cited and it cannot be used for the written responses. There needs to be significant extension or enhancement that includes two or more integrated algorithms and an abstraction.