Create PT Question on Function Requirement

If students work in groups of 2 on the create pt do they need to both create a function or can they work on the one function together?

That is an interesting question. I always assumed that the “main” function had to be written by a singular student. BUT I just went through the rubric and directions. The ONLY place it says collaboration is NOT allowed is under the video:

Submit one video file that demonstrates the running of your program as
described below. Collaboration is not allowed during the development of
your video.

Additionally, the only other paragraph(s) that deals with collaboration are as follows:

Ensure you know the proper way to cite media or program code, including
APIs or other pieces of open-source code, used in the creation of your
program. Any media or program code that has not been written by you must
be cited, and credit must be given to the author.


Once you have started your official administration of the performance
task, you may not:

§ Seek assistance in writing, revising, amending, or correcting your work,
including debugging the program, writing or designing functionality in
the program, testing the program, or making revisions to the program,
from anyone other than your collaborative partner(s).

From the directions it seeeems like collaboration is fine as long as your cite everything. I do want to point out that I have been told, multiple times, the opposite from AP trainings.

This is from AP College Board. At minute 6:55 she talks about collaboration. She also talks about collaboration in other parts of the video, but I just don’t remember exactly where.

Check minute 58:30. I think this answers your question. She says: You can only write about the code you created, so if you are working with a partner and there is only one list being used, you might want to write that portion of the code together (the written response should be individual). This should work exactly the same for a function.


The response in 58:30 was in reference to API and libraries, not student written code. So “you” here could still mean the “team”, rather than an individual student.

At 7:50 in the same video, the speaker mentions that pair programming is acceptable, so it is possible to have only one procedure in the program that was written by both students. Continuing at minute 10:10, she mentions citation only for the big-project-divided-between-two type of collaboration, but not the peer model where both are actively involved in the development of the code.

Hi. This is the transcript of that portion of the video.

Minute 58:33 - Question

“If you are working with a partner and you divide the program into two. Does your section have to have all the components that, you know, the section that you specifically programmed like the list, the iteration, or do these components need to be in your program all together?”

Minute 58:48 - Answer

“So you are going to want to be actively engaged in creating the program code that you’re going to include in the written response. So no, you can you can divide and conquer and say like okay these pieces you’re going to do, these pieces I am going to do. But when you go to write, you should be writing about the things that you wrote. So if there’s if there’s only one list, you might want to write that portion together so that you both have a good understanding of of that list and how that list is being used.”

Circling back around to this, I just noticed under ROW 4 in the rubric it says that it can be developed in collaboration with another student.

BUT, per the AP website, it says this. Seems to be a lot of conflicting answers to this question.

Credit contributors

When completing the Create performance task, you’re allowed to incorporate program code that is not your own with significant modifications, extensions, or improvements. When using the creative work or innovations of another individual, you’re required to acknowledge the creators or owners.

You can acknowledge program code that isn’t your original work by adding comments in the code. This program code cannot be used in your answers for the written responses, as these responses require you to include program code that you wrote.

Failure to acknowledge the ideas and works of others is considered plagiarism, and if the performance task contains plagiarism it will be given a score of 0. Before submitting your performance task, check that you have acknowledged all contributors.