Collaboration on Create PT

I’m still struggling with what is allowed as far as collaboration on the Create PT in 2024. Can students debug other student’s programs even if they aren’t partners on the task? Is that allowed? In the past, I heard that as long as they were in the same APCSP class, individuals could debug together. Just want to see what other teachers are telling their students this year. Thanks!

This is my interpretation of the rules from their documentation and trainings:

Most important, you as a teacher can do nothing. No help, no answering questions, no debugging.

They can collaborate on the entire task, except for the video they film and the actual submission to the digital portfolio (someone telling them to submit this code segment here, that code there).

Copying / turning in the same code as another student is NOT collaboration, that is cheating. Collaboration is them helping and answering each others question.

Below in the only reference to collaboration in the instructions:

Create Task Directions

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Thank you! This is helpful.