Create PT- Program Code Collaboration

It was clear that students will complete their video creation and written responses independently. For the program code portion, can I get clarification on what working “collaboratively with a partner” means?

From my understanding, if they are working collaboratively, each student needs to code to meet all requirements. For example, with partners, they would have 2 set functions (sequence, iteration, selection), list, etc. Is this correct? Also, does this mean their ENTIRE program code would be identical in the end? Thanks in advance!

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To be on the safe side, I encourage my students to work on separate programs/apps and collaborate only when debugging their code.

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They can work together and have their entire apps be exactly the same code (they can pair program the whole thing). This was confirmed by Crystal Furman in a webinar she did about the PT last year. They were hand wavy about segments though and said that students could write about the same segments, but they recommend writing about different parts of the code to avoid plagiarism concerns.

Collaborative peers means other CSP students, so CSP students can help each other debug.

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I remember from the guidelines last year that they weren’t supoosed to list their names on the code even if they work with a partner to avoid any bias. How do they give credit for a partner without mentioning their name? Or is that not an issue this year? I didn’t see that in the guidelines

You can write “coded by my collaborative partner”. you can also say “this program was pair programmed with my collaborative partner” if the whole thing was written together.