How to report that PT code was jointly created

How should students indicate that they’ve jointly developed the code for their AP/CSP Create PT?

Many of my students have practiced pair programming (back-seat programming) in developing the whole app and are asking how (if any) should they indicate that in their source code?

Is it enough to add a comment at the top of the program that “this code was developed in partnership” or something to that affect?

This is all I could find on AP’s website:

Credit contributors

When completing the Create performance task, you’re allowed to incorporate program code that is not your own with significant modifications, extensions, or improvements. When using the creative work or innovations of another individual, you’re required to acknowledge the creators or owners.

You can acknowledge program code that isn’t your original work by adding comments in the code. This program code cannot be used in your answers for the written responses, as these responses require you to include program code that you wrote.

Failure to acknowledge the ideas and works of others is considered plagiarism, and if the performance task contains plagiarism it will be given a score of 0. Before submitting your performance task, check that you have acknowledged all contributors.

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