Existing app...for Create PT?

I just want to clarify that students can use an existing app for their Create…is this correct? I have a student who would like to continue with the Mad libs app they started. Would this be okay? I noticed on one of the handouts they could, but the Mad libs was not listed.

Students need to start a Band new project for the Create PT. They cannot use or submit practice PTs for their Create PT. They can use snipets of existing code as long as they provide acknowledgment, reference or citation for the code.

From the AP Computer Science Principles HandBook
Section: Guidelines for Completing the Through-Course Assessment
You may not:
Submit work that has been revised, amended, or corrected by another individual, with the exception off cited program code;
Submit work from a practice performance task as your official submission to the College Board to be scored by the AP program; or
Seek assistance or feedback answers to prompts

One of the handouts does say they can use an app they worked on from past practices, but will need to expand and write new code for it as long as credit was given to the initial part of code that was done with a partner.
I had a student start with the Create PT today who wanted to use a preexisting app and make it more complex with new code. So, should I have this student just create a new app after all?

To be safe, I would have them start a new app and incorporate the code and cite it.

okay, I am feeling you are correct. Thank you!

Two of my students redid their old projects, (clicker game and mad lib) but did add an extension. I’m asking them to cite their old work, but I"m still not sure this will be allowed. Any thoughts?

Based on the guidelines given for the project, you can use an existing (non-practice PT) project. They must cite code from the original project.

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okay thank you! @terence.stone25