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First year AP CSP Teacher…

A student approached me with the follow question:

“I would like to create an app that integrates an already defined set of instructions as an algorithm. All code and design elements would be created by me. The program would follow the rules of the already created algorithm but I have no instruction on algorithms that would be used to create this digitally in code. Currently the algorithm is mainly designed to be used in a physical way with real objects. I would essentially be simulating it and writing my own original algorithms to accomplish this.”

I told him that probably would NOT be acceptable but I would check.

Any thoughts?

Hi @pwilliams - that is tough, it is a bit cryptic.

I think my initial question is this code being used as the student’s identified “algorithm” or “abstraction” in their write up? If they are NOT going to use this as their algorithm or abstraction, then I think they are OK (they should still cite where they got the code from, but they could use it). You can see the below clip from the AP directions stating that students may:

The directions are pretty clear that the algorithm and abstraction must be written by the individual student themselves.

Does that help?

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your response! This does help. I am going to forward this to the student and let them decide if it is worth the risk. It seems like he should be able to do this as long as he “extends the project in some new way,” and “provides acknowledgement.”

On a side note, you were the facilitator of my cohort this past summer in Phoenix (I’m one of the ones from Ohio). I keep referring back to your advice - which has been invaluable! Thank you and have a great rest of the school year!


@pwilliams Yes! That’s me! I am glad to hear you found the workshop useful and that you have (hopefully) found the forum useful too! I :heart_eyes: the forum!

Congrats on making it this far through the year! The end is close!