Can a student use the same code for their abstraction and algorithm?

Hi, all. I have a student that has written a very sophisticated App, and he asked the question of whether or not he can use the same code to satisfy questions 2c and 2d (algorithm and abstraction)? Does anyone know if this is ok? In looking at it (without providing him feedback), I can definitely see how he can make a case for this.

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Hi @catherinemolloseau,

Interpreting “the letter of the law”, it sounds okay if the app wasn’t for a practice performance task.

Going with “the spirit of the law”, I agree with you an important factor is whether the student received feedback (and in this case it seems the student hasn’t received feedback from you, so no red flags there). I would also make sure the student hadn’t collaborated with anyone in creating the original code (and obviously not plagiarized). I could see it as the student starting the Create Task outside (before) the dedicated class time, so all other Create Task rules would have to apply to that code.

Overall, I’d say it’s still iffy since I wouldn’t encourage my students to do it, but if my student did follow all those rules and decided to use the code, I don’t see any reason I’d be obligated to flag them as plagiarizing and I don’t see how that breaks any of the rules.


I would like more info in this. Is it possible for a student to use the same piece of code for the abstraction and algorithm questions of the Create Performance Task?

@rossiai This would be a great question for the College Board forum. My understanding is similar to Frank’s. They can do it, but can get some kids in trouble because they have trouble talking about how the code manages complexity AND how it acts independently and with other algorithms.

BUT, that being said, I think this would be a great question for the College Board Forum. They can give you “official guidance” there.