Pacing with Explore Task

I teach at a small private school with more days off than most schools, which is wonderful, but it definitely limits my instructional time to teach AP CSP. As it is now, I am doubling up on many lessons or at least doing 1.5 lessons a day. I know recommends completing the Explore Task after units 1-4, but I do not think the pacing will work well with our breaks. I have read some of the previous posts that mention some alternatives, such as completing units 1, 2, and 4 and then the Explore Task or assigning one of the units mostly as homework. My students have no coding experience, so I do not feel comfortable asking them to complete units 3 or 5 on their own.

Is unit 3 necessary to complete the Explore Task or can it be taught later?
Are there any portions of units 2 or 4 that could mostly be assigned as homework?

Unit 3 is not necessary for the Explore PT. Many teacher do Units 1, 2, 4, Explore, 3, 5 Create. That will work just fine! Also if you’re short on time before Create, you can stop after Unit 5 Chapter 1 and do the Create PT.