Addition unit 3 Assessment Questions


I was wondering if anyone had any addition assessment questions for unit 3. This is my first time teaching an AP class and I am struggling with creating AP level test questions in addition to the ones on


@kathryn_cogdell I think a lot of teachers are in the same boat (myself included!)

One thing you might want to take a look at are the psuedocode questions at the end of unit 5. You might find a few questions from that bank that would be helpful for your students.

I also purchased the book 5 Steps to a 5 which was helpful in thinking about questions (but careful, last year, there were a lot of errors in the actual book). Still, it might help!



Don’t forget the practice exam from college board. You can model some questions after those. If you’re in Unit 3 you’ll need to confine yourself (most likely) to robot style questions that have loops. What the college board tends to test with those questions is reasoning about algorithms.

As @kaitie_o_bryan mentioned you can look to Unit 5 - find the “will it crash” activity which is about if-statements. You can formulate similar questions with loops and even procedures.

I liked to give my students the relevant psuedocode from the “purple book” and ask them to invent their own “dastardly” questions for their classmates. The act of formulating a single question on your own + making sure you know the right answer was much better practice than a litany of practice problems.

My $0.02.