Unit 3 Assessment - How do you use it? Do you provide a study guide?

I would like to know how everyone uses the Unit 3 Assessment. Do you count it as a grade? Do you let the students help each other? Do you let them look up the answers on the Internet? Do you give a study guide?

Yes, yes, no, no. :slight_smile:

I think it totally depends on your philosophy. I give it to my students independently first, and then give them time to collaborate. In the past and it has been helpful. I have not given a study guide, but I have done extra top-down practice.

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Thank you! This is my first year teaching AP CSP. I am afraid the students won’t do well on the test. They have no prior knowledge/classes before this class, so all they know is what they have learned in Unit 3.

I have several students with no prior knowledge and they do fine on these assessments. You can give them the assessment as is and see how they do. If you feel that students have not done well, you can use it as a teaching tool and use it more as a practice test. I do not give the students any study guide. But I do give them a list of things to know.

I do not give a study guide, but I do make it “open computer” and encourage them to find the answers hoping that it might stick a little bit if they investigate rather than guess.