Students Struggling on Unit Tests

This is my first year teaching CSP and I am through with Units 1 and 2. My students did poorly on both exams. I am sure that much of this may be due to this being my first year and not adequately preparing for them the exams. What has been successful for others to get the students prepared for the exams.

Hi @gregory.gilson,

It can be really tough to figure out what will work for your kids! As you keep going, your confidence will build and so will theirs.

I find that having quick recall questions at the beginning of a lesson can be really helpful for gauging where the students are midway through so that I’m not just collecting this data in the summative. Then if I feel like there is an issue I might spend a little more time in the topic or make sure to talk about how it ties in to the next lesson (particularly when talking about the internet). These first two units are also pretty vocab heavy, so it can be helpful to be really intentional about making use of correct vocab and supporting students to do the same. You can do this by rephrasing their solution using vocab if they didn’t use it originally, or by including the students in the generation and upkeep of a word wall to reference in the class.

As you continue through the semester you can continue to use AP classroom as a resource (perhaps as homework if that is part of your practice) to fill in gaps with the videos and let students reassess their new understanding.

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Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I am going to utilize AP Classroom moving forward. I am hoping to give the Unit 2 exam again and need to figure out how/if I can reset the exam for my students.

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