Unit 1 Study Guide for Test

Does anyone know where I can find a study guide for the Unit 1 exam from code.org? I would love to provide my students some resources to study on their own. I’ll make one if I need to but I’m prepping for in-person students and if there was already one made that would be a big help!

@bailey.turner Check this post by Carol Ramsey. You may find what you are looking for there.

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It’s an useful packet and I saw it before when I was searching, however I’ve looked through it and there are not study guides apart of it.

Baily - You are right, the packets don’t have study guides. I hope you find what you need! - Carol

I am also looking for a unit 1 study guide, has anyone had any luck finding one or has one they would be willing to share? Thanks!

This isn’t perfect, but it is a “Student Review Guide” that I started putting together to help students check their understanding before the Unit 1 Assessment Day. This will at least help guide them toward asking questions if they feel they have a gap in their understanding of the concepts assessed at the end of this unit.

I will post an update (once developed) because I would love to add hyperlinks in my Google Doc to the levels in Code Studio that helps students look back at the necessary activities or content for that concept. (It is somewhat unfortunate that a lot of the Unit 1 levels (first six lessons) don’t provide an explanation for students without the instructor’s guidance, and I doubt I can link to the teacher lesson plans or the Unit 1 Google Slide presentation.)

I hope this helps someone (even if it is marginal).