FREE Unit 1 Teacher and Student PDF Packets

UPDATE 1: I forgot the link. Here it is.

UPDATE 2: As soon as I finished this, released Lesson Modifications for socially-distanced classrooms. AWESOME! I updated the packet to include these files.

FREE STUFF: I deconstructed the 2020-2021 content, so I could put parts of it in the district LMS for distance learning, and other parts in other formats. I created these Teacher and Student Packets for Unit 1:

  • Teacher Packet - This PDF includes everything a teacher needs to understand each lesson in one place: lesson plan, slides, teacher guide and/or activity guide. Then, she can read or print them, look at how they interact, and get a better idea of what the class time might look like. (I thought the All Lessons PDF would provide this, but it only includes lesson plans, which is a small part of what I need to know before I teach the lesson.)

  • Student Packet - This PDF includes all student handouts for each lesson, including the activity guide, planning guide, rubric and/or resources. A teacher can print the PDF for the unit, then pull out each lesson’s content and print student copies. (I thought the All Student Handouts would provide this, but it is missing student resources and includes some teacher-facing content.)

There are some bonus files in there, an Activity Guide Key that doesn’t provide and vocabulary terms and definitions, broken down by lesson. I hope it is helpful.

  • Carol Ramsey

Where are these located?

Hi! I updated the post to include the link. Here it is too.

I also updated the packet last night to include the new Lesson Modifications for socially-distanced classrooms.

  • Carol

Thanks, your help is appreciated!!!

Carol, these are fantastic!!! There are so many things to review for each lesson and I appreciate the time you spent pulling them together into a single document. Planning during this pandemic has become more complex than ever, and these docs will help streamline the process. Thank you for sharing!

You’re welcome! Thanks for the note!

  • Carol