Unit 02 Chapter 01 - Review Packet



Hello All,

I have compiled all the vocab, definitions and questions from the code.org(UNIT 02 until Ch1) and consolidated into a single file. I have sent this digital copy to all of my students as a review material for the quiz/test preparation. Hope this is helpful. If you need a google drive link please let me know slight_smile:

Review Packet UNIT 02 Chapter 01.pdf (645.9 KB)


Excellent Thank you!


Just wondering, did you create a review packet for Unit 2 Chapter 2? The one you did for Chapter 1 was amazing! Thanks so much!


I am sorry that I have forgotten to post the review packet. Please find the below link. Hope that is helpful.

[Complete Unit 02 - Review Packet(Revised)]


Your Review Packet was awesome and put exactly in words what I wanted to share with students and explained some items that I was wondering myself as I am teaching this for the first time. Could I have a google link as I would like to print it out in a smaller size font. Thank you for sharing your work.


I made a separate editable copy for you so that you could make as many changes as you want. Here is the updated google docs link. UNIT 02 Review Packet. However, you will have to request permission to edit(when you click on the above link). I will give you access as soon as I see a request from you. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


This is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work!


Can I please have a google drive link to the Review Packet. lnewson@senatobia.k12.ms.us


I sent a copy to your email. Enjoy :slight_smile: