Unit 2 Chapter 1 Skills Check


I used this skills check over all the tags with my students after they turned in their web pages. Answer key and study guide included. In PDF so you can see what it looks like because the margins are kinda small and Word if you want to edit.Skills Test Unit 2 Chapter 1.docx (18.3 KB)
Skills Test Unit 2 Chapter 1.pdf (214.4 KB)


Thanks for this great resource. I will be starting Unit 2 in two weeks and this helps save me a lot of time. I plan to use it as a study guide to focus them in as we go through the lessons and revise it as an assessment too.


Thank you for this! Going to try to make this into a quizizz and will post code latter.


How did it go as a quizziz?


Similar as a google form


I tried to look at this and I don’t have permission. Can you change the permissions on this doc?


I changed the permissions.


Here is a QUIZZIZZ, Click Here
Here is a Quizzlet Live: Click Here

My students LOVED playing Quizzlet Live!!!


Also found this one on Quizzlet that has Both Chapter 1 and 2 tags in it: Click Here


Shannon- this is great! Any chance you have developed something similar for Unit 2 Chapter 2?


This is awesome. Thanks!


Here’s a quiz for Unit 2 Chapter 1, Lessons 1-4. I was only able to attach it as a PDF.Unit 2 Chap 1-4 TEST ONLY.pdf (139.6 KB)


While it is super appreciated that you shared your quiz, I would ask that you take it down and replace it with one that does not include the answer key. Right now, the forum is available to everyone, including students and we would hate for them to have access to the answer key along with this really great quiz. Thank you!


I’d be glad to but don’t know where it is at on the forum. Can you link me to it? I didn’t think about students having access to it!


Good grief! Never mind. I see it.