Need a quick 5 question quiz to give before Lesson 3.9?



Hey forum friends! I needed a quick way to check in with my CS Discoveries students part way through the first chapter of Unit 3. I went ahead and made a quick 5 question quiz in Google Forms. Want to use it?

Here is the link to make a copy of it —>

If you want the answers and rubric I am using for the free response questions, comment on here or send me a private message and I will send them directly to you

Some stats about my classes: 30-35 students in each class all ranging throughout ages 9-12. Academic levels all across the spectrum. 60% female and 70-75% minority. Enjoy!


Thanks for the quiz- please send me your answers and rubric. Thank you!


Hi, Could you also send me your answer key?
Much appreciated!



Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing your work. If you post these in the “Assessments” category, the posts will be restricted to verified teachers only. You can choose at that point if you just want to post the rubric/answer key directly in there.



Answers and rubric please…
thanks in advance