Study Guide for U1 Ch1 Quiz

Here is a study guide my students fill out for a quiz I’m creating for Lessons 1-3


Do you have a copy of the quiz that you’d be willing to share?


Link to quiz available?

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Here is a link to my form. You will need to make a copy of it in order to use it in your class. This is an extra COPY so feel free to press edit and then make a COPY so others can use it.

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Shoot! It looks like I need permission. Would you mind changing that so I can make a copy? Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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Can you please share form with permissions. Link currently not available outside your domain.

I would also like to have a copy of the form when available.Need permission.

Thank you for sharing this resource.

I think I fixed it? Let me know, also make sure you make a copy :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you

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Would you mind sharing a copy of this with me or editing the permissions so I can make a copy? My email is


Can I also have a copy of the quiz? When I click on the link above it is for taking the quiz and I don’t want to mess with your results.

Thank you for the work you have done.


May I also have access to make a copy of the quiz?

Thank you so much for sharing.


I also extend my thanks for the study guide and quiz, and would greatly appreciate access to the form to allow saving of my own copy for editing. (

It’s actually an extra copy of my original feel free to press edit and then make your own copy. :slight_smile:

May I please have a copy of the study guide and quiz as well? I would really appreciate it. ( In advance 'thank you!"

Hi Samantha
Here is a link to the study guide for you to make a copy

I have the kids fill it out first with no notes. This allows them to see what they know and then they take their notes out and complete the study guide.

Thanks a bunch Mrs. Robinson such a God send.


Hello, I was trying to access your quiz but I also only saw the quiz itself and wasn’t sure how to make a copy. I don’t see an edit button. Can you help me troubleshoot this. Thank you for posting this to forum.

May I please have a copy. Thanks