Unit 3 Lessons 1-11 Knowledge Check


I created a Google Form as a knowledge check for Unit 3 Lessons 7-11. If you see mistakes in the questions or answers please let me know. I have allowed everyone to edit the form which will allow you to make a copy of the form. Open the link and please make a copy for yourself before changing or adding anything.


Unit 3 Final Assessment

Thanks for sharing this. It looks like a great resource!


This was a lot of work, thank you so much for sharing this! I can’t seem to make a copy of it. What am I doing wrong?



This is amazing - thank you! The link you shared doesn’t allow anyone to make a copy and use/modify for themselves. Could people send you their email addresses and you can give them access?

Thanks again!



After you open it, can you click on the three dots in upper right hand corner of the form & choose “make a copy”?


If the make a copy feature does not work then yes I would be happy to give people access.


This is what it looks like when we click the link.


Okay if you give me your email I will put you on the collaborator list and then hopefully you can do what you would like with it.


Could you please add me, so I can download your document? Thank you so much!
Jill Brandeberry


I would love to access that as well. That is a super test!!!

Thanks!!! Jan


PLease add me too



Please add me too. Thank you.


I would love a copy too. Nena.Wooley@myoneclay.net
Thank you!


I also would love a copy. LJolliffe@dallasisd.org


Perfect. Thank you so much!






Thank you for sharing this with us! This is so awesome! Would you please email it to me? I cannot open it. Thank you again!



Thanks for your hard work!


cotkaywi@cassiaschools.org THANK YOU!!!


I would love a copy too!