New Unit Feedback


Here is feedback on the new look for Unit2. My students had only made it to Lesson 4 prior to the change so I asked them to start over at Lesson 1. I shared that they would be testing the unit and providing feedback prior to the full release for next school year. Here is what they had to say so far:

On Lesson 3 bubble 8 - they couldn’t see the error they were to try and fix. A couple of them went and used the map to compare the tags and were frustrated because they couldn’t find the error. I haven’t looked at the lesson yet to see what they were supposed to find.

A suggestion - maybe add a “check your answer” to this which explains what they should have noticed and corrected. Maybe a link in the instructions which opens up a window or drop down so they can see the correction while also looking at the original code.

They do like the new Inspector tool which shows red when a tag is incomplete. Excellent visual reminder to have both an open and close.

A couple of students didn’t like the instructions. I will check for specific bubbles. They said the instructions were to vague. I’m thinking it’s because they’re open-ended but I will pursue this further.

Everyone likes the new look and layout. They said it is great.

They like the document map which explained the tags more. They found it really helpful.

They also liked the Documentation Link. They thought that was also helpful.


Hi Carol Ann! I know I emailed you some responses to this, but thanks for posting here for everyone’s benefit. There was a snag with Bubble 8, but it should be working now.