Pilot - U2L06 - Lists


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  • details on the types of deviations you made from the lesson

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50% girls and boys, 60% low income, 5 IEP’s, 2 504’s, class size 22.
42 minute periods every other day.
We started unit 2 and on lesson 4 before the updates. I was able to use lesson 3 and 4 as a formative and reteach what was still not clear to the students. This really helped and it “clicked” as they finished lesson 4. Now we are on lesson 6 and they understand lists better knowing that each element has a tag. They are more engaged and working together which is what it is all about. They are learning to look for the errors on their own instead of calling out for help immediately. Having the text already included helped the students who do not want to write and able to focus on the tags.


@pbowersox That’s so great that you were able to make use of the new lessons. It sounds like the kids are doing really well with the practices, too. Are the kids using the map levels and the drop down tips as they work on their code?