Unit 1, lesson 8

I printed this unit and lesson off the computer over the summer. Has it changed?

I’m not 100% sure, but I would say that it has not. By the summer stuff in unit 1 was done. Any changes are going to be just small typo type stuff.
It would be cool if they had a last updated on the web site to let people know if things have changed though. I’ve heard that the curriculum is a living document and the web version is always the latest, so maybe check your paper against that. Here’s a link to the lesson. https://curriculum.code.org/csd/unit1/8/

Hey @liherring67 this lesson had some significant updates in mid-June but has been stable since then. As @jold mentioned we do make ongoing changes to the curriculum in response to feedback but those changes for the next several months will be concentrated in Units 4 - 6 of the curriculum. Is there a specific difference between your printed version and the online version you’d like help with?

I agree with @jold that a “last updated” indication of some sort would be helpful. Sometimes we’re going in and making tiny changes (e.g. fixiing typos) which probably isn’t informative for teachers to know, so it’s a system that we’re going to need to discuss internally. In either case, however, please let us know when you have requests or challenges and we’ll do our best to address them. That’s what we’re here for!


Hi GT,

Teachers in the Los Angeles region thought the rules were not as precise as they could have been or just had a hard time reconciling the storage/processing process as exemplified with cards, sticky notes, discarding and how to describe the processing. I watched the video in lesson 4 and it helped with my understanding of lesson 7.

Linda D.

@ldelia thanks for letting us know that the video helped. Sorry to hear there was still some confusion on lesson 8. Were there any materials the group developed that might help other people struggling with this lesson? It’d be great if you could share them here. Either way we’ve marked this lesson as one that’ll need to be looked at when we return to make edits to Unit 1.


Many mentioned that the directions were confusing at best. So, maybe it would be a good idea to revisit and refine them. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say about how to codify how a computer stores and processes as exemplified in lesson 8. We all have the ability to post questions and suggestions thru our regional partner 9 dots.

Thanks @ldelia! If you hear more helpful suggestions we’d love to see those too!

Where are the videos? That one is not linked in the lesson unless I am missing it.


Tracking the conversation, it looks like Linda is referencing Unit 1 Lesson 4 in the Activity under remarks it has a “What Makes a Computer” video. Seems like the What Makes a Computer might help out understanding why Storage and Processing are just as important as Input and Output.


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Thanks! I used that one. I was thinking she meant a teacher instruction video.