Heads Up--Curriculum Change


Hi folks,

Just a note (especially for new users). The older comments on this are about a different version of the curriculum; notably, it gives students ASCII rather than having them develop it and instead has them develop protocol for formatting text (font, color, emphasis). It may work as a nifty expansion activity (here), should you have extra time.

As an aside, is this helpful information to know, or completely irrelevant?


Thank you for this note! I’m seeing both versions in different places and getting confused since this is my first time through. It looks like the version students see is the formatting text activity, but the lesson plan is just titled “sending text” and has students develop their own protocol for text (without doing anything with formatting that I can find). Which one do you recommend and do you know which one my students should be seeing online? Thank you!


Weird, I think mine just switched which year of the course I’m viewing this morning! Now when I look as if I’m a student I see the lesson where they invent a protocol (no formatting). Works for me!


This is helpful to know. Thank you.