Accommodations and Adjustments for this lesson? (Format Showdown)

Accommodations and adjustments for this lesson (Unit 2 Lesson 6) seem to be missing? I followed the link in the lesson plan, but the accommodations seem to be for the older version of the curriculum. I couldn’t find an equivalent lesson. Has anyone come up with any creative ideas? I have several students that are struggling and I’m trying to differentiate for them, but I don’t think anything I’ve tried so far is a great solution.

Hmm, I see what you mean - it looks like this points to a previous project that was removed from the curriculum. What sorts of things are your students struggling with? Researching and finding sources or understanding the technical documentation? Deciding what to include in their artifact or how to format them?

I’ve found that some formats are harder to understand (and find documentation about) than others. Rather than letting students select from ALL the possibilities, I presented them on the board and highlighted the words in different colors. Green = easier to research, Yellow = a little harder, Red = challenging (though I didn’t call this out to the students). When students chose their format, I specified to a few that they should choose from any of the greens, and others should choose from some of the reds etc. so that I knew they would be able to find manageable content.

I did a little digging - it sounds like there aren’t specific differentiation docs for the newer lessons. Let me know if you think anything is particularly helpful to your students.