Sample Artifacts for Rapid Research - Format Showdown

Does anyone have any artifacts for Rapid Research - Format Showdown (new 2.6) that they would be willing to share?


@wbarnum with this being the first year of the task, I think you might be on the cutting edge of where other teachers are in the curriculum. I would love to see what your students come up with too! That might help us gather some ideas!

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Hi @wbarnum,

Looks like you’re not alone in requesting some student work samples. Another teacher asked that question and it looks like one teacher posted a handful of samples: Format Showdown (Unit 2, Lesson 6) - any samples of Computational Artifact?

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the artifact examples! My students felt better after seeing what others have done. Does anyone have the one-pager examples? My group is really struggling with this format. If not, I will put one together over the weekend. Thanks!