Modifying Unit 1

Hello! Was wondering if anyone has attempted to modify Unit 1 to meet the needs of students who are reading at 2nd or 3rd grade level and have a difficult time doing group work. These are my Special Needs students who will be mainstreamed for the CSD class. Thanks! Usha

Hi @ukolacha,

I think Unit 1 would work very well for your students. It is one of the most flexible Units in CSD and is very hands-on. There are tips in the Differentiation Guide for modifying and adapting the curriculum and the last page describes the multiple alternate lessons for the first chapter of the unit that can be adjusted to best meet the needs of your student. Although the intent is that the alternate lessons be done as a team, I think it is doable that at least some can be done individually. I also think it is worth reviewing the lesson modifications for virtual and socially distanced classrooms. There are many tips in those documents that could work for your students.

The Differentiation Guide also suggest searching the forum and I highly recommend this. You can search the forum for just Unit 1 topics. For example, this resource that might be helpful for your students: What is a computer - virtual version.

I hope these ideas are helpful to get you started. Others may have additional ideas or resources as well.


Hello! Michelle,

Thanks for your prompt response. I am looking for ideas to modify these lessons for the special needs students. I taught this unit last semester virtually, so am comfortable teaching virtually. This curriculum is for students who can read at 6th grade level. I am wondering how I can make this content accessible to students who need to work independently and read at 2nd grade level. So appreciate all your input and suggestions.

Let me see if I can share some more specific ideas based on the resources I shared above and I’m hopeful others will share ideas as well! You may be familiar with these tools already but I’ll share what I use to make reading more accessible for all my students.

I think the differentiation guides have good ideas. For example, I think screen recording instructions would be your best friend. Loom is currently free for educators (again-you may know this). I also use Screencastify. This is a regular differentiation technique for me. The Unit 1 modification guide also suggests having students “” take pictures or record videos of their progress to submit." I use FlipGrid for this regularly. Flipgrid is a tool used in all grades so should be accessible for your students. As far as modifying the materials themselves, some of the resources shared in the forum may work or perhaps others can share. I also really like NearPod (and PearDeck would be similar) for tools that allow students to draw responses and for teachers to record instructions. I did see a forum post for a Nearpod for Unit 1 but the Nearpod lesson was deleted (at least for me). Perhaps you had thought of these and/or perhaps other teachers have resources they can share here.

Good luck!